Fluorescence Measurement Method for Non-contact Healing Power

: Since 2006, we have been working to develop new measuring methods for non-contact healing
power, and have succeeded in constructing a biophoton measurement method and a gas measurement
method using cucumber pieces as bio-sensors; the former measures biophotons emitted from cucumber
pieces and the latter measures odor generated from them. This paper shows a third method to measure
fluorescent material which is produced on the cut surfaces of the cucumber pieces. After gas
measurements of cucumber pieces, we measured intensities of fluorescence emitted from the cut surfaces
of cucumber pieces using band pass filters. There was a significant difference in fluorescence J values in
the 562nm band between healing and blank tests (p = 0.005, two-tails, t-test, n = 32). Also, fluorescence J
values correlated negatively with gas J values only in healing tests. In both biophoton and gas methods,
we found it was difficult to detect healing effects if in winter because winter cucumber fruits were not
reactive. However, the fluorescence measurement method was considered useful even for winter http://homepage2.nifty.com/anomalousphenomena/Kokubo-Fluorescence01E.pdf



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