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The day began with concerts in our stores. As evening approached, the pre-partys began. From the twelve pre-partys we drove all our guests out to a secret place where the big party started. During the party, you could, in addition to dance to the best DJ’s and live bands, visit a fortuneteller, eat good food, watch a piano battle, drink our own Weekday beer, get a cup of Java from our baristas, and much more. In the morning when the big party was over, those who still where going strong could visit the after party, and when the clock neared lunch Weekday offered pizza from our friends at PizzaHatt.

THANK YOU: Pilotos, Solen, Caviare Days, Kosta Boda, Beckmans, Micke Reuter, Gnucci, Nitad, Club Killers, Daniel Boyacioglu, Wild at heart, Barnens Underjordiska Scen, Håll Käften och Dansa, VAZ, Bella Boo, General Levy, Jexpert, Mother, Munnen, Anika, Ville & Viktorious, Panic!, Revered Savage and his Holy Rollers, Daniel Savio, Assid, Juan Maclean, Apollo, Svedlund & Grundmann, Fé, Martin Vogel, Hampus Wernemyr, John Rydberg, Spådamen, Cheap Monday, Volt, Taco Truck…more at

Why yes ? Cool, affordable clothes mixed in with pricier brands that are still within reach.
Why not ? Core collection doesn’t offer the best fit; limited availability.



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