A motivated workforce is always an integral part of a successful
business; it becomes increasingly critical in today’s fierce global
competition (Hamel, 2000; O’Reilly & Pfeffer, 2000). The traditional
managerial leadership paradigm that proliferated coercion, dominance,
manipulation and dependence has been openly deplored and criticised as
less effective than more ethical, charismatic and humane practices
(Greenleaf, 1997; Block, 1993). George (2003) stresses the necessity for
leaders with strong values and integrity, able to effectively motivate
employees to achieve superior performance that builds enduring
organisations and shareholder value.
While the positive relationship between followers’ perceptions of
authentic leadership and their job satisfaction has been well established, few
studies thus far have factored in the impact of culture on this relationship.
However, because culture itself is complex and debatable construct,
authentic leader’s and followers’ ethnicity is isolated and how it moderates
this relationship is investigated using a quantitative questionnaire and
statistical analysis techniques. A similar study has been recently attempted
by Whitehead and Brown (2011), but failed to produce conclusive results
regarding ethnicity as a moderating variable.
First, a selection of the existing literature on authentic leadership is
reviewed and the concept is deconstructed for theoretical analysis. A crucial
knowledge gap is identified and hypotheses are presented. The method used
to test these theoretical hypotheses is outlined and the findings from the
statistical analysis are expounded. Their implications are subsequently
discussed and a conclusion is drawn. Lastly, limitations and areas for further
research are identified.


to download http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/10292/3498/LuxA.pdf?sequence=3



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