The Role of Job Enrichment in the Tourism Industry

The following study explores the role of job enrichment within the tourism industry and
seeks to uncover an effective business model that organizations can implement which fosters this
important notion. In this context, an enriched job is “one that has more variety, identity,
significance, autonomy, and feedback” (Blakely, Fuller, Moorman, & Niehoff, 2001, pg. 98).
Unfortunately, not enough consideration is currently being given to these variables. However, an
ideal model will not only properly address job enrichment, but will also improve customer
service and help maintain a competitive edge for businesses within the industry.
As a basis for guiding research, McGregor’s psychological principles Theory X and
Theory Y were considered while debating an applicable model. While Theory X assumes that
“people are basically lazy, dislike work, need lots of direction, and will work hard only when
they are pushed into performing,” Theory Y is a “philosophy of management that assumes people
have a psychological need to work and seek achievement and responsibility” (Greenburg, 2010,
p. 6). And though it would be easy to reason from these definitions that Theory Y is the better
model, the research has shown that there are benefits to both management styles. The key here is
to suggest a model that encompasses all the best characteristics of existing theories and practices.
While there continues to be resistance towards a more job enrichment-centered
organizational structure, business owners and executives will be pleased to find that the benefits
of satisfied employees can be felt organization and …




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