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Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician (460BC-370BC) once said “Let food by thy
medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” This ancient but true statement has long been forgotten
in Western society. In our culture, we eat whatever we please whenever we please. Food is no
longer pictured as nourishment for the body. This mindset has led to the development of many
lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Yet, a doctor will readily prescribe drugs to
patients with such diseases as a solution to the problem, when the problem itself can be cured
and prevented through diet alone.
Americans are not totally to blame for bad diet. Since the 1950’s, the US has seen
dramatic changes in its food supply that has caused food to have less micronutrient composition,
lead to food allergies and intolerances, and even become questionable as to whether it’s safe to
eat. Many of these changes in our food supply have been introduced in order to keep up with
growing consumer demands, yet it has been documented that our food supply no longer provides
us with the nutrients that we need (Krebs-Smith, Reedy, & Bosire, 2010). Somewhere down the
line food production became more of a money-making scheme and less of an important entity to
provide proper fuel for the American public.
This review and critical analysis was written in response to the many faces of our current
“food crisis”. A literature review was conducted of 20 articles relating to several different
aspects of our nation’s food supply and health. Several causes of the food crisis have been
outlined as changes in the food supply itself, genetic engineering of food, diet habits in the US as
a result of our changing food supply, and the direct link between diet and health. In addition to
the literature review, I documented my own personal experiences with food as I went on a raw
foods vegan diet for 14 days


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