An inner void

The main idea is to examine the space between the body and the
garment. To higlight the inner void that is in between.
By pushing lines away from the expected and recognized
I emphasize parts and make them stand out from the body.
By using supporting materials my method has been to construct
volume in the garment instead of building up a contrution which is
filled inside.
The choice of denim as the main fabric in this collection is
because of how it is affected by the body.
The result is a collection of garments that both highlight and
obscure the lines of the body.

Clothing, a protection for the body,
an external shell.
A distance to surroundings.
To hide and emphasize the body,
create curiosity.
To be observed, sited and placed in a social circumstances,
positively and negatively.
Historically, the volumes in various forms have been used in most
common parts like shoulders and waist.
The volumes purpose has been more an issue of status and in a way
to control the body shapes.
Crinolines and high coiffures was the way to elongate the female

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